How to Prepare Your Brand for Its Clubhouse Debut?

A few days ago, I joined Clubhouse, the drop-in audio, and social app. The app debuted last spring in the Apple iTunes store (and is only currently available to iPhone users) and quickly rose to popularity for its highly engaging and intimate atmosphere. Unlike other social media apps, Clubhouse uniqueness resides in bringing people together around the power of voice in realtime. With the vast popularity of podcasts – it only made sense that developers would eventually create an app allowing the human voice to take center stage. The Clubhouse platform offers an eclectic mix of a number of diverse voices and topics for its users to explore. From tech talks to late-night jam music sessions l – there is something for everyone. At this time, the app is only invite-only, to join. As a result, you will need a friend to nominate you to gain access to the app. There is no clear timetable for when this opening will take place. However, in the meantime, here are a few suggestions to help your entry onto Clubhouse be as smooth as possible.

1. Is Your Company Clubhouse Ready?

There is a huge population of small business owners currently thriving on Clubhouse and that is a great thing. These small businesses have identified their niche, honed their message, and have packages their offerings in a compelling manner. So, how will you and your company stand out in this already crowded space? It is easy to fall into the lure of just hopping on this app without having a clear vision of what you want to get out of it. Without a concise plan to succeed, your launch onto the app could fail. So, put in the work now and figure out your social media strategy for Clubhouse. I’m not suggesting that you delay your entry and potentially miss out on this new opportunity. It is merely my suggestion to take inventory of your company and outline a plan of action before you join Clubhouse.

2. Brainstorm A Compelling Narrative – (Profile Description)

Clubhouse allows “members” to lean ALL THE WAY IN when creating a profile. description than must other social media apps. Craft a strong profile description that not only displays your brand, but shines a light on who you are as well. So, lead with what you do and close with why you do it. Recommended items to include: Title, Brief Description of Your Company, Media/Press, Awards, and Upcoming Projects. Clubhouse also allows you to attach your Instagram and Twitter pages as well.

3. Ready-Made-Tribe – (Advance Promotions)

Why wait until you actually download the app to get followers. Begin to promoting your entry on Clubhouse to your other social media following. This will help you build excitement and it will encourage your community to also join the app.

4. Lead with a Smile – (Profile Picture)

This is is pretty standard. As long as you give permission to the app to have access to your camera, you can upload your desired photo directly to the app. *Post the best quality photo that represents you in the best way. A bright, sharp and centered photo will set up apart.

Join me live on March 30th at 11:30 am on Instagram to continue this conversation. I’ll share with you more tips and advice on how to best navigate Clubhouse as a newbie.