Wellness: Work-Life Flow

What is a flow state of mind? A flow state of mind offers us a chance to be intentional and realistic about our current life situation. It further allows us to open up space to map out our future. Ultimately showing up with a more deliberately designed work-life plan that will feed our whole self and the people important around us.

Here’s three simple ways to a get to a WORK-LIFE FLOW STATE OF MIND:

1. Access

There is no better way to connect with your inner voice than to sit in it. Find a “special place” to retreat and connect with your inner voice. You do not have to leave your home or take a vacation – just carve out some time to deliberate and see where your inner voice takes you. In this time, let your mind open to explore the possibilities. We all have a sense of what we want out of life and the goals that we want to accomplish. Jot down your personal and professional goals during this time of comtemplation.

2. Connect

Now that you have identified your goals, schedule time to talk with the major stakeholders in your life. If you have a partner and children, use this opportunity to talk broadly about your personal and professional goals. Why bring your family in on the process? If you want to live a life that is full all the way around; you should share your goals with the people you love. This allows them to hear your intentions and ask questions. This allows them to share their opinions about how this will positively or negatively impact the family. Remember being an entrepreneur does not just effect you, it also has a major impact on the people in your lives. Especially if you have a partner, children or care for a family member. Everyone should be in on the plan. But remember you do not need anyone’s permission to go into business: but you do need their understanding and support.

3. Schedule

Sitting down and pulling out a schedule is the next major step to setting your personal and work-life to align – as best as you can. Prioritize your family when you plan out your schedule.Talk openly about the dates and milestones that are important. Drill down on everyone’s outside activities and commitments. Also, set aside time on your schedule to spend quality time with each other. For example, schedule office lunches, date nights, kid’s movie and pizza nights, game night, school activities, etc. Just make sure to not over-commit yourself either way – at business or at home. This will only put pressure on you to be “super man or superwoman” and that will upset the people around you – if you end up canceling over and over again. Keep you schedule simple and tight.

4. Build

The most effective way to stay in the WORK-LIFE FLOW STATE OF MIND is to cultivate and build a proper support system. This is key to the success of your overall mental health. Remember, we can not do it all and we certainly can not all alone. Start by compiling a list of individuals that you can 100% count on right now. Resist the urge to add people who “mean well” but who themselves including people that can be included in third, your support system.

5. Implement

Now is the time to put your system into action. But do not allow the pressure to not fail to come into your thought. This process is not designed to make you anxious. This is a process to and allows the above to happen – you must be willing to change habits. You must start to change your mindset around the change. You must expect different outcomes in order to change.

Let’s end this article with a challenge? I challenge you to implement this above principals to take control of your personal and business life. Wanting to be an entrepreneur should not come with great sacrifice to your family. I hope that this article has inspired you to sit and plan the futire with your fail, create a support system and rework your habits.