Simple Recipes: Apple Butter

Need a simple recipe for your blog or website? Here’s one that is delicious and quick too. Gather the following ingredients to make a small batch of this yummy fall and anytime treat!


|10-12 apples| One 3 pound bag

|granulated sugar|brown sugar |ground |cloves|ground nutmeg|ground |cinnamon|salt


  1. Wash apples
  2. Core apples
  3. Slice and chop apples into cubes approximately 1/2 half inch thick
  4. Place chopped apples in slow cooker pot
  5. Mix dry spices in a medium size bowl
  6. Pour dry spices mixture over chopped apples
  7. Stir mixture thoroughly to coat all the apples
  8. Set slow cooker to low at let apple mixture cook down
  9. Stir apples occasionally
  10. Pour in vanilla extract and cook uncovered at last hour of cooking
  11. Transfer apple mixture to blender
  12. Blend on high and low speed for 25 secs each
  13. Laddle the apple butter into the jar
  14. Store the apple butter in the fridge or freezer

Make Delicious Apple Butter