Go Further With Your COVID Response

Resuming business operation during a global pandemic is froth with a lot of questions and concerns. As a small business owner with a brick and mortar, you have to be concerned about safety of not only your customers, but your staff, other visitors (delivery, etc.) and yourself. Maybe your business can not operation fully as an e-commerce business and re-opening is really your only option. Being fully transparent with your customers has always been important, but even more so during these time. After drafting a thorough COVID-19 readiness plan – consider adding a quick & concise video to your website. We all know that video is a powerful vehicle and if done correct can communicate directly with your customer base that you are serious about keeping them safe. The more you share with the potential customer that better informed they can be about coming into your shop.

Below, DC-based Take Care Shop, a natural beauty shop and spa, reopened with the following video message for returning and new customer to view: