Storyteller’s Writing Booklets

There is something so gratifying about the creation of a story idea.  Will this idea lead to a screenplay, novel, short story or something else.  But, before you can turn this idea into something – you must get all these ideas out of your head.  For aspiring writers these “story idea sparks” occur anytime of the day and often compell us to seek a secure place to store them or risk forgetting those perfect thought gems. So, what do we do –  we dash to the nearest bookstore, browse the journal and notebook asile and search high and low for the perfect notebook.  Now, instead of focuing on your story idea – your spend way too time trying to decide on which notebook is best for us. But, instead of bunching all of your ideas into a single notebook or journal with no clear order…consider something new.  Meet our “Aristotle Writer’s Booklet” – this three-pack set takes writers back to the 3-act Structure (Beginning, Middle and End) that Greek philosopher Aristotle offered as the way to writing dramas.

Introducing our brand new “Aristotle Writer’s Booklet.” The “Aristotle Writer’s Booklet” is the first product from our BECOME: a pop -up series collection. The writing booklets are the perfect tool for aspiring storytellers looking to start the writing process in a affordable way. Our three-pack set was designed to embody the traditional three-act structure as theorized by ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in his classic work “Poetic.” Aristotle outlines that every drama consists of a BEGINNING, MIDDLE and END.

Meet Booklet #1- Beginning (The Hook)

Here you can jot down all of your ideas about characters, setting and ultimately HOOK the attention of your audience by establishing the stories conflict in the blank 48 pages booklet.

Booklet #2 – Middle

Now, is the time to go deeper with our ideas. In this blank 48 pages – develop your stories conflict in great detail.

Booklet #3 – The End

Start wrapping up your conflict and drawing closer to the end.

**Psst! This is your writing journey. So, use these three booklets as you see fit. Just start writing!

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