Get Camera Ready With “The Rose Effect”

Positive. Enthusiastic. Supportive. These are just a few of the fundamental qualities that every good coach should have. Keanna “K.J. Rose” Henson, is a Grammy Award-winning artist development and performance expert who just happens to encompasses all of the above characteristics. K.J. -aka “The Talent Whisperer,” has worked with countless artists across music, film and television, all looking to elevate their stage presence and connect authentically with their audience. From Lil Nas X to appearing as a coach on BET’s “Chasing Destiny” with host Kelly Rowland – K.J. knows what it takes to get artists to uncover layers of vulnerability and ultimately reach a level of comfort where they are confident in the spotlight. K.J. typically “shocks their systems” immediately by challenging her clients to steps outside their comfort zones. “I might have them chase birds” says K.J. Her unorthodox methods strike a cord with her clients as they start to loosen up and the self-awareness walls are lowered. This allows the client to focus on what is important in the moment and it is delivering the best performance. With over 15 years of experience under her belt, K.J. has learned a lot and wanted to share relevant and helpful performance tools to anyone looking to defeat stage fright. K.J. has recently released, “The Rose Effect: Eight Steps to Delivering The Performance of Your Life” and has received glowing reviews on its candor and relevance.

Here we chat with K.J. about her career in the music industry and how her new performance guide will help you “occupy your space.” “The Rose Effect” is a great resource that you will be referring back to again and again. Enjoy!