Flower Power

Do you love flowers? Have you ever considered opening a flower boutique? If yes, good for you! Now, move that idea into action. Here are a few creatives who have taken the plunge into small business ownership and are thriving – all with plants and flowers.


  1. We recommend that you start this journey by researching what exactly goes into running a flower shop online.

2. Purchase a variety of flower and study them.

3. Take a flower course. We recommend, and have no affiliation with, is Floret Online Workshop.

Floret Online Workshop Meet Erin Benzakein. Erin is the owner of Floret Flower Farm in Washington state. She is a self-taught ” farmer-florists” and considered one of the nation’s leading grower and designer of seasonal flowers. Erin’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and websites. Her first book, Floret Farm’s Cut Flowers Garden: How to Grow, Harvest & Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms and her second book, . Her second book, A Year in Flowers: Designing Gorgeous Arrangements for Every Season. These two books have been well received by fellow designers and flower enthusiasts all over the world. Erin has expanded her reach out to these two constiteuncies with, Floret Online Workshop, a six week course small-scale flower production.